Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & E-Marketing
Search Engine Optimization is the careful placement, wording, and analysis of keywords within a Web site, and even the restructuring of a site itself, in order to improve search engine ranking results. Successful optimization means more qualified, high-quality traffic to your site....

Site Promotion ( Search Engine Submission )
Promote your site by using our registration service of manual submission of the site to To 20 search engines. Automatic Submissions in more than 1500 Search Engines and Directories.

Web Site Promotion

Our web site promotion packages offer you an easy way to market your site online and get the amount of traffic you desire. The solutions provide the perfect launch platform for your marketing efforts and offer you personalised service and consultation. Whether you wish to announce your site, market your site through search engine optimisation or would like to advertise on the search engines we've got solutions that take care or your requirements.

Announce Pro

Announce Pro is a comprehensive online search engine promotion solution designed for Today's evolving Internet environment. The solution is designed specifically for companies starting up with their online presence. The solution provides the perfect launch platform ensuring the sites presence on the Internet making it accessible world-wide.

Package provides :

Website and page Analysis


Usually designers tend to overlook a website's need to register on the search engine, critical information from a search engine's point of view is either left out or improperly compiled on the pages. A complete analysis of the home page and one or two major pages of the website is done from a search engine's point of view and suggestions are provided for optimising the site.

Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis


Using sophisticated analysis tools, we work with you to develop the ideal set of keywords and key-phrases to use for promoting your site. We examine the content of your site and cross-reference that against our database of the most popular search terms on each of the major search engines.

Meta Tag Generation


Meta Tags are generated and provided for the right Keywords and Key-phrases to facilitate desired results and proper placements on the search engines and directories.

Directory Submissions


Directories, such as Open Directory and Looksmart, are different from search engines, because they are edited by humans and not spidered by computers. Therefore, page optimisation strategies do not work with the directories. Instead, A different set of strategies needs to be followed to have your website achieve a better ranking in these directories.

Search Engine Submissions


Submitting your site to the search engines in strict accordance with the anti-spam guidelines established by each of the engines is very important. This is essential to keep you from getting permanently blocked from many of these engines. Many sites usually get blocked without even knowing that they have been blocked! Improper submissions can kill your website even before it started!


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